What stronger men have that weaker men do not?

Alpha men rule#2

What you are about to read can totally transform your decision-making process. It is the core difference between strong and weak men. And it is the core difference between leaders and followers.

May I have your attention? Let’s start with a question:


Have you ever wondered why most of the time you play a see-saw game with your decisions?


For example, your friends ask for a hangout but you are stuck up in your studies. A roller coaster of thoughts begin: You think about all the fun you can have…and then you think about how it could waste all your day..

One-half of your brain wants to go. The other wants to stay and study. You feel the pressure building inside your neurons. What happens next is this: You don’t choose any of the options…and the friend knocks at your door step ready to take you away.

You see, in this case, your friend made a decision for you. Why? Because you didn’t take the lead. You let OTHERS decide for you. You were weak and lack clarity. Which brings us to 2nd Alpha men rule “Clarity is for strong men. Ambiguity is for weak ones.”

So, what exactly is clarity? And why it is a trait of Alpha men?

(Of course, I am not going to cute-paste an oxford definition here).

Hark unto me and listen: Clarity means clarity of thought. It means clarity of vision. For example, when you say you are going to start a business…you must have CLARITY on when & how you will begin. When you say you are going to become a DOCTOR…you must leave behind all other thoughts that pull you towards Engineering or fine arts or anything. When you decide to NOT go out with friends today (and focus more on a secret money-making project you are working on), you must not have second thoughts.

Clarity is like a laser beam – clearly focused
Ambiguity is similar to street light – wide spread with no direction.

Ambiguity is what we despise here. We hate it. And so…we command all our bearded comrades to live a life equip with CLARITY.


Because CLARITY brings authority. CLARITY brings confidence in whatever you do. When you entice your brain to focus on one thing…and repel other distracting opinions and noise…you subconsciously allow your brain to manifest clarity in physical stimulus. Your body language changes, your chins rises higher…and your toes lift you up. On the flip side, ambiguity leads to confused decisions, lack of self-belief, and a flow of negative energy.

Lacking clarity can also be demonstrated in little everyday examples such as ‘When your woman asks which shoes suits her well – the red one or the silver one? And you reply back with a nod saying “whatever feels right to you.” These simple ‘ambiguity loaded’ statements reflect upon bigger decision of your life.


Men who lack clarity can never lead. They always follow those with CLARITY of vision. Even if a man with less clarity reaches a post of authority, the peers around him can feel the weakness in him. They can smell the ambiguity. And thus, such a leader is always destined to doom. For example, a leader with clarity defines how they will sell ‘x’ no of products in 30 days. And a leader with ambiguity says “Let’s see how many sales we will make this month.”

The finest bearded leader!

If clarity is so simple to achieve, why not everyone is practicing it?

Because it’s not easy.

Father says ‘play safe’. Steve jobs says “play risky.”

Uncle says “Doctors have great “SCOPE” (the most over-used when it comes to career advice).

Facebook says “Only entrepreneurs can live the AMERICAN dream (let’s call it LAHORE dream?).

We are drowned in so much noise that…. picking out the right opinions and blocking the irrelevant crap is a tedious challenge. However, we expect something from our bearded comrades..

We expect them to live up to this challenge. Whatever you are upto…be it career…be it hanging out with friends…or be it organizing a college event…develop CLARITY first. Because only the men equipped with CLARITY can stroke their beards and lead the masses.

Clarity is for stronger men. Ambiguity is for weaker ones.

Till next time.

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