Either you watch other do, or you do it yourself.

Either you watch others do.
Or you do it yourself.

How many of you watched OTHERS play PSL?
And how many of you are working to play in PSL?

You see, there is a difference between people who consume & people who produce. Which side are you on? Here’s what Alpha men should do:

O.K, I don’t care whether some of you whine “We watch PSL for entertainment”. Or we do it because it’s more patriotic. Or we want to revive back cricket in Pakistan (really, can you?).

Keep your rationalization guards down and listen to me wisely:

There are only two kinds of men:

1. One who produce/entertains/amuse others and take away all the respect, wealth, and applause.
2. One who consumes/gets entertained and takes away nothing but an imaginary pat on his self-esteem & a sick load of fake ‘soon-to-last’ happiness.

Which kind of men are you?

Chances are you are the second one (you won’t be reading this otherwise).


The point here is: Will you keep on watching psl/ipl? Will you keep on fantasizing about romantic moments that only exist in Bollywood? And Will you keep on participating in useless political Imran-Nawaz banter?

Or you build something of your own?

Something that OTHERS consume. Something that you are proud of.

You see, it’s really that simple: No matter how much staunch of an Imran khan fan you are…no matter how many 12,000Rs ticket you have bought to watch PSL live…no one gives a crap shit. Neither has it given anything to you (except a dopamine drip that soon vanishes) nor will it give anything to your future self.


Watching OTHERS play is what weak men do. They find their victories & happiness in things that are not in their control (for example if Quetta gladiators had won many of you would have a sound sleep). See, you are at your most futile part of your age (we don’t promote our content to men older than 30 years old). Either you waste your time (the most precious earthly gift) & energies on something that someone else produces (Whom you will never meet in your lifetime) or you build something of your own.

Decision is yours, of course.


Ending note: It’s the right time to get selfish. Get selfish for yourself. Stop giving your attention to things that won’t last forever.

Till next time.

P.S I never intend to sell our products to men who don’t want to grow authoritative, Alpha, & wealthy. If you are one of those ‘nice-guys’ who love to stay down & submissive – I strictly forbid you to not buy from us. For rest of you: Each of our product is accompanied with a secret white envelope that may or may not change your life. It can be your key to superior Alpha men. Or it could be your key to NOTHING. You only get to decide this once you begin your beard growth journey with us here.


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