How to straighten up your curly beard?

First thing: Yes, the procedure is nice and easy. But it does take 10 minutes every morning. (10 minutes that will pay-off the entire day).

O.k, so let’s imagine this: You wake up one day, with all your facial hair running in wild directions, curly, and rough…and untamed.

If this is you, read onwards to know how you should proceed your day afterward:

– Brush your teeth (damn, should I tell you this?), wash your face…and beard. Best thing: Take a shower.

– Towel dry your beard. Make sure you do not overdo it – the beard must stay damp.

– Apply any beard oil (you can try ours if you want: Growth Zen beard oil).

– Next is where the juicy part begins:

How to straighten up your curly beard?

You would need the following apparatus to begin your early morning 10-minute ritual:

1. Blow dryer.

2. Bristle brush. Or comb.
3. Beard Balm


Using a blow dryer, set at medium heat, comb your beard in the direction you want your beard to settle down. Keep on repeating the procedure until you start noticing your facial hairs straightening up.

A word of caution:

Blow drying your beard can damage your facial hair. And result in dryness, and itchiness. However, this can be avoided if you follow the following protocols:

-Make sure you have applied your favorite beard oil (this will protect your beard from the harmful effects of heat.)

– Make sure you have set the blow dryer at medium heat.

– While blow drying your beard…make sure the distance between the nozel (of blow dryer) and your facial hair is at least 8 inches.

Now, moving onwards.


Take a pea size amount of Beard balm (you can read about our conditioning Beard balm here), melt it down between your palms, and gently apply it on your straightened-up facial hairs.

You see, this is important. You asked why?


No.1: This will provide your facial hair with the necessary hold it needs to stay at its combed position. A blow-dried beard tends to sway more often and needs a mild holder to keep it at its desired location.

No.2 This will provide your facial hair with necessary moisturizing effect (something that is lost during blow-drying).

O.k friends so this is it.

Till next time.

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