How to grow an attractive beard this winter?

The season of bearding is here – and we are sure you are growing one

Dear friends, I am sure you have tried to grow a beard many times before…and may be you have failed due to following reasons:

1. You shaved it off because it itched.
2. You thought it looks untidy because your boss or wife/girlfriend said so.
3. It was not growing faster. And growing in patches.
4. It was growing drier, wilder and bushier with each day.
5. It was not growing at all (if this is the case you should stop reading – Sorry but I am brutally blunt).

If you have seen yourself in one of the above situations(excluding the last one) – come close and listen carefully:

This season – grow your beard in ways described below and you won’t stop thanking us:

1. keep it neat and clean

A dirty beard itches more. AND DRIES UP MORE QUICKLY. Shampoo your beard once or twice a week and make sure you do not overdo it (since shampooing can strip off all natural oils from your beard).

2. Try to use a good quality beard oil

You see, as more and more facial hair grow – your natural oils begin to replete. Moreover, facial hair are naturally more brittle and coarse.

And if you are someone who is shaving for years – bearding would be even more difficult. You asked why? Well, because you have brutally chopped off your facial hair for years – and this has turned them more coarse and hard.

A good quality beard oil addresses all these issues  and also help your beard grow at its full genetic potential.

This means you get more healthier, stronger, softer and faster growth…

What you should be doing every morning this season?

With winter comes dryness. To make things even worse – if you are taking hot water baths – you might have noticed increased scalp and beard dandruff.

So, here’s what you should do every morning:

Washing your beard with simple water, towel drying it and then applying any beard oil.

We bet your beard will look, grow, and shape up differently than it ever did before.

Which beard oil to chose?

Not necessarily ours. You can try others if they look more desirable.

But if you are interested in checking out ours, you can visit our shop here:

3.Understand that itch is normal

Listen up: Your first 2 weeks will go like a breeze. But then the itchy phase begins. You have to understand that it is normal and the only thing we can do is to reduce it somehow (a good beard oil can help you in this phase). However, in 90% of the cases, the beard itch naturally fades away after 6-7 weeks.

4. How to deal with patchy beard

Answer: Patience. Most of the patches naturally fill up after 2-3 months of not shaving. Why have you not witnessed this “filling up” as of yet? Well, because you never waited for 2-3 months.

All great things in life come with patience. So, will your beard. Keep growing and you will reap the fruits.

Dear friends, that’s all for today.

Good luck with your beard. And may this winter season turns into beard-for-life!

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