How to grow a beard like Instagram models?

Great beard needs more attention.

And more care.

Ever wondered what Instagram’s beard models are doing that you are not?

Well, of course, it doesn’t mean all men are following these strict rules. But those who do are reaping the fruits of healthier, softer and faster growth.

So, here’s what Instagram models are doing differently:

1. They are visiting a professional barber

Not the one you go to…. who learned while experimenting on others.

But the one who has been trained in proper hair-dressing colleges/courses.

Professional barbers know how to trim and adjust your beard length so that it won’t get fizzy and run in wild directions.

Plus, a naive barber would always shorten your beard more than you are expecting him to do.

So, first step: Select a good barber.

2. Follow a good beard care routine

An untamed beard would soon go coarse and look nasty.

A good beard care is something 95% of good beard models follow. Afterall, beard covers half of your face and if you are not managing it properly – chances are you will soon end up with beard fall, beard dandruff and slow growth.

Plus, the usual “pop-up” look always comes with extra care.

Here’s what we recommend to an average guy about beard care:

1. Use a beard oil at least once a day. Especially, after a shower or when you wash your face.

2. Use a chemically-light shampoo to wash your beard every 2-3 times a week. If you ride a motorbike, increase your frequency to 4-5 times a week. You can check our beard wash for this purpose.

3. Try not to wash your beard with hot water. A warm water will be enough to get the juices flowing and also increase blood flow (which is good for growth).

4. Also, regularly comb your beard. Over a long time – it trains your beard to grow in the direction you want.


3. A styling routine

Hairdryer and comb are a must-have essential if you really want to take your beard to a whole new level.

Every beard model straightens up his beard before he goes for a photo shoot.

A perfectly straight beard exists in photos only (and maybe in dreams too).

So, we recommend to straighten up your beard every morning and this will help train your beard over time. Also, don’t forget to use a beard oil or beard balm afterward to save your beard from the harmful effects of hot air. Here’s our complete guide on how to straighten up your beard: how to straighten up my curly beard?

4. Biotin and regular exercise

A great beard with a muscular ripped body is really a cherry on the top.You see, exercise boosts testosterone – one of the very important hormones that promote facial hair growth.

Also, we recommend more salads during meals to help provide your body with biotin – one of the important nutrients in beard growth.

This is it for today.
Till next time.
Stay beardy, stay Alpha.
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