This bad habit is destroying your beard


There is one bad habit that silently kills your beard. We bet you are doing it everyday..may be right now.

You see, if you are growing a beard or if you already have one – there is one important concept that I need you to understand:

There is a difference between stroking your beard and hand-picking your beard.

What “stroking your beard” means?

Stroking your beard means gently using your full-length hand to stroke/massage your beard entirely. Please note that stroking doesn’t mean picking on few facial hair and stroking them again and again – which brings us to:

What “hand-picking your beard” means?

Simply, it means holding onto few facial hair and stroking it continuously. This might be because your fingers have fallen in love with a curl or a split end (and you are loving to stroke it from time to time).

Now, listen up:

Hand picking few facial hair is destroying your beard

You see, when you stroke only some part of your beard (and leave others untouched) you are stimulating one part of your beard more than the others. THIS MEANS YOU ARE UNINTENTIONALLY PROMOTING PATCHY BEARD GROWTH.

Moreover, you are also weakening your facial hair roots with continuous hand-picking. How will this affect your beard, you asked? Answer: You might start experiencing increased beard fall.

So, what you should be doing instead

Stroking your beard is the best part of having a beard – we understand. And we can’t stop you from doing it.

But we do recommend you to stroke your beard in its entirety. Even best will be to keep a  pocket grooming beard comb.

Do not hand-pick few hair from your beard.
Do not stroke only few hair all day. 
Instead, stroke your beard entirely with your hand. 

That’s all for today.
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Till next time.
Stay beardy
Stay Alpha

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