A simple habit that improves beard growth

Do you wonder how some men grow great thick beards (the one with huge volume)?

While you, despite good genetics, could not touch the mark? Or you wonder how they get such good facial hair volume?

Well, here’s the secret:

They stroke their beards more often. By stroking, I do not mean hand-picking few facial hair. Instead, it means to stroke your beard in its entirety with your full hand.

How this improves beard growth, you asked?

Well, to date, gently massaging your hair roots is the only natural (and scientifically proven) way to stimulate hair growth (gentle massage improves blood flow to the skin and this stimulate hair follicles). Be it scalp hair. Or be it facial hair.

This means stroking improves beard growth. And this means, your neighbor who grows great, might stroke his beard more often than you. (of course, that doesn’t mean stroking alone grows great beards… but yes, stroking does help in beard growth).

Now, since stimulating hair roots is what we are trying to do here – you can achieve the same result with habitual beard combing. A grooming beard comb that doesn’t cause hair breakage is great for regular combing.

O.k, so this is it for today (a short sweet daily beard motivation). Read more on secrets to grow a thicker beard. 

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Till next time
Stay Beardy

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