How to keep your curly beard straight all day?

Yes, you can keep your beard straight all day

But there is nothing you can do to keep it straight for the rest of your life.

Removing curls demand regular care. Regular routine. And if you follow what I am about to teach you – chances are you will get rid of some of your curls permanently (this means your beard shape will gradually improve).

So, here is what you should do to keep your beard straight all day:

1. Wake up in the morning (or whatever).
2. Follow your usual routine of getting fresh. Now, when it comes to beard grooming – use a hair dryer and beard comb to straighten up your beard. Make sure you keep hair dryer 1 inch away from your beard at medium heat. Comb vigorously while blowing warm air.

3. This will remove almost all of your curls. However, what you will be left with is a dry coarse beard. Also, the warm air, if regularly used, may damage your facial hair. To prevent this – we strongly recommend to use any quality beard oil.

4. You can also alternatively use beard balm. It will provide mild hold (keep your beard at its combed position) and also fight dryness.

5. Now, repeat this process every day and you will gradually notice an improvement in your natural beard shape.

6. Please note that excessive exposure to hot air is known to damage hair roots. Although there is no scientific evidence behind the claim (these are based on assumptions by general observation). However, we recommend taking a balanced approach. For example, you can restrict blow dryer usage to twice or thrice a week. Or also, you can add a good quality beard oil to save your beard from most of the side effects that blow drying may cause.

O.k, so this is it my friends.

Keep growing your mane.
And we will keep telling you how to tame it.

Till next time.

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