Where to trim your beard’s neck line?

Let’s talk about some advanced beard grooming secrets today.

Allow me to start with the most common blunder barbers make: Creating awful-looking beard’s neck line.

You see, neck line is as important to your beard as oxygen is to lungs. If you trim it badly – slightly more or slightly less – chances are you will end up with a beard that looks less in volume and length.

The beard under your jaw and neck makes or breaks your overall beard look.

So, listen up and listen wisely: There is a secret technique you can teach yourself (and your barber) on where to keep your beard’s neck line. All professional beardsman intentionally or unintentionally do this. And all those great beards you see on TV trim their beard’s neck line in the following way:

Step 1

Identify your adam’s apple. 

What is adam apple you asked? Answer: It’s a normal swelling on your neck present only in men. Here’s a picture:

I command you to touch your adam’s apple right now. Feels good, ah?

O.k, now over to step-2.


Now, place your middle finger on your adam’s apple and the index finger above it. The boundary where your index finger ends should be your beard’s neck line. Here’s is a picture representation:

The bottom line: Keep your neck line at approx one finger breath above the adam’s apple. You will be delighted to see the results in few months.

That’s it for today. We will be posting more advanced beard grooming stuff from now onwards. Stay tuned to our facebook page.

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