Tips to groom a short beard

You may not want to go all in with your beard. It may be prohibited in your workplace. Or you might be afraid to look more mature and old. Whatever the case is – short beard is a thing (and probably the most trending beard style).

So, what are the best tips to groom a short beard?

And how the short beard grooming is different than the long one?

We will go through these details in this post. Bring your ears closer and listen wisely:

For short beards – neck line is very important

A misplaced neck-line – either more upwards or downwards – is the most common beard grooming mistake. Make sure your beard’s neck line is trimmed just one finger breadth above your adam’s apple. Here’s how the adam’s apple look like:

Now, keep your neck line just one finger breadth above the adam’s apple as shown below:

Trimming more than the above-suggested level apparently reduces your beard volume and you may find yourself complaining of slower growth.

Scissor-cut uneven facial hair

As you let your beard grow, some of the hair strands grow faster than other. This, over the period of time, may make your beard look untidy. So, here’s what we recommend: Ask your barber to scissor cut uneven facial hair from your beard. Do not allow him to reduce your beard’s length (if you have reached your desired length). At the end of this grooming, your beard will look more neat and tidy while also maintaining its previous length.


Invest in a beard oil

Shorter beards itch more. (since the sharp hair ends rub with your facial skin more often).

Also, beards are naturally prone to dryness. They get shaggy and lose its shine….and this might be the only difference between an average and a great beard.

We highly recommend you to invest in a good quality beard oil. For example, if you are looking for softness and growth promotion, check out our growth zen beard oil:

Growth zen beard oil explained.

Also, if you are looking for nourishment, shine, and softness check-out our nurture flora beard oil:

Make sure you use beard oil every day after shower or after washing and towel-drying your beard.

Comb regularly

Regular combing is vital to direct your beard in proper direction. An uncombed wildly growing beard may grow in directions you donot wish. However, this doesn’t mean you can mend your beard’s direction with combing.

But it does mean you can improve the way your beard is growing.

Also, regular combing increases blood flow in hair roots and this increases growth. Make sure you use a specialized peach wood beard comb for regular combing (these combs causes less breakage and do not entangle your facial hair). Check it out here:


That’s it for today. Keep rocking your short beard. We are looking forward to seeing you join our long-beard family. How that sounds?

Till next time.

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