How to maintain an awesome looking beard?

O.k, so you are here because you want more compliments on your beard?

I know you want. Everyone does.

But everyone is not ready to put in the EFFORT.

Just like all great things require persistence and struggle – your beard also demands the same. They are not like your scalp hair (that grows fast). Neither are they like your any other hair

Imagine growing a beard as training for a 6 pack abs. It requires training. Regular routine. Diet. Exercise. And persistence.

So, how should your train your beard so it grows the way you want?

It turns out there is a specific secret routine that you SHOULD follow every day. Do not miss a day. Well, you can celebrate ‘cheat days’ but the point is: Stay persistent with the following routine and your friends won’t stop complimenting you (very soon).

Start your day with a shower…and a beard oil

O.k, I understand you do not take a shower every day. But of course your wash your face every morning?

That’s the best time to use a quality beard oil. Take 2-3 drops on your palm, gently spread it on your palm between both hands, and  massage it on your beard.

PRO TIP: Try to reach your facial hair roots when applying the beard oil.

Now, here comes a secret twist to the routine:

Use a quality beard wash 2-3 times a week

You see, usual household shampoos strip off natural oils from your beard. This results in dryer beards, lesser growth and more itch. If you are serious about your beard, we highly recommend shifting to a shampoo designed especially for your beard such as our beard wash.

If you work outdoors and are exposed to dirt and dust more often – we recommend starting using beard wash every day. Otherwise, stick to 2-3 times a week routine.

Now, how can a beard wash help grow a beard people desire?

Good question.

Answer: You see, if you are using beard oils regularly – it is necessary to wash and refresh your beard. A beard wash can tame your beard in a direction, improves overall beard texture and helps you stick to your beard-growing pledge (a dirty beard can irritate you so much you will jump for the razor and throw your beard-pledge off the roof).

Incorporate regular beard combing in your routine

You see, regular beard combing will train your beard to grow in a direction. Just like crunches train abs, beard combing trains your beard. Now, can a regular comb or brush do the job equally good?

Ofcourse not. A regular comb can do more damage than good. For example, it may stick in your beard and weaken your facial hair roots. PLEASE NOTE THAT MAINTAINING YOUR FACIAL HAIR ROOT’S STRENGTH IS VERY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU ARE FOLLOWING A LONG-TERM BEARD CARE ROUTINE. We highly recommend shifting to beard comb made of bamboo wood. It is lightweight – easy to maneuver and is specially designed for beards.

How to trim my beard while following this routine

It turns out there is a magical neckline that you should keep to further enhance the density of your beard. Almost 80% of people get this wrong and trim their beards so bad they lose the true essence of beard.

So, listen up and listen wisely: There is a secret technique you can teach yourself (and your barber) on where to keep your beard’s neckline. All professional beardsman intentionally or unintentionally do this. And all those great beards you see on TV trim their beard’s neck line in the following way:

Step 1

Identify your adam’s apple. 

What is adam apple you asked? Answer: It’s a normal swelling on your neck present only in men. Here’s a picture:

I command you to touch your adam’s apple right now. Feels good, ah?

O.k, now over to step-2.


Now, place your middle finger on your adam’s apple and the index finger above it. The boundary where your index finger ends should be your beard’s neck line. Here’s is a picture representation:

The bottom line: Keep your neck line at approx one finger breadth above the adam’s apple. You will be delighted to see the results in a few months.

Should I add beard balm in my beard care routine

It depends.

If your beard length has grown more than 3-4 inches – you can shift to beard balm instead of oils. It all boils down to your personal preference. Beard balm tends to add more hold to your beard BUT it cannot straighten up your beard. To remove your curls, we recommend using a small hair dryer and comb to straighten up the curls – and then apply beard balm to keep your facial hair at its position for the whole day.

For how long I should keep following this routine?

Good question.

Answer. It depends on how much greatness you are looking for.

Average beard: 2 months. (may or may not give you a single compliment).
Above average: 3.5 months. (People start noticing your beard and you are turning eye balls now. Some may compliment you here and there)
Great beard: 5 months. (people start raving about your beard. You get all the attention. And authority).
Majestic beard: 1 year ( You are known for your beard. People come and ask for your beard grooming secret. They secretly wish at night to grow a mane like you. You become the center of attention. )

That’s it for today.

Start growing an awesome beard today. And we bet people will start perceiving you differently (in a better way!).

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