Does shaving improves beard growth?

Let’s get this straight once and for all.

The most common advice given (when it comes to growing a beard) by our friends, family and colleagues is: Start shaving more often with a razor AND you will get better at beard growth.

Listen up and listen close:

This is all but rubbish

Shaving doesn’t increase beard growth. Its all myth with out any scientific proof. The only reason why people believe in this myth is as follows:

“As you start shaving, months after months. And year after year. You automatically get better at growing a beard – not because the razor stimulated your hair follicles but only because you are AGING. Yes, since you are aging with time, and more and more testosterone is pouring in your blood – you naturally get better at beard.

Nothing to do with shaving.

This means if you stop shaving – you will get better at growing a beard. The facial hair that were hiding in your skin will eventually sprout out – but only if given appropriate time.

All in all, with immense patience and proper beard care (for example using a high-quality beard oil), you have better odds of growing a beard than by shaving it off every week.

O.k, so this is it for today.
Till next time
Stay beardy. Keep growing.

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