Revealing: 3 beard growth stages and why most men remain stuck at #2?

It turns out there are three beard growth stages, and each stage comes with its own challenges and roadblocks. Most men give up on stage 2, and the reason is quite obvious: They are not aware of the ways to overcome beard growth problems.

It is important to understand that facial hair requires equal (if not more) care than scalp hair. If you are aware of the problems to expect at each beard growth stage, you are more likely to sail through it like Sinbad the sailor 😀

Let us help you with that.

Beard Growth stage 1 – the stubble and baby beard (0-2 weeks)

Your facial hair has just started out. They are sprouting out here and there, with some covering your cheeks and the other your chin, all depending on your genetics. You can stand before the mirror and see the darker hair, mixed with the lighter ones (called vellus hair ).

The most important thing at this stage is patience. If you follow our page, you would already know that this is what we preach all day. All beards are not created equal. Some grow slowly, while others grow like bamboos. At this stage, you might start experiencing beard itch. This is mainly because of years of using razors, that make your facial hair sharper, causing intense irritation as they scratch pass your facial skin.

How to sail pass beard growth stage 1?

You would require three friends: Patience, beard oil and a beard comb.

Talking about beard oil, it is not necessary to try ours. You can try any of the beard oil brands you like (including us). But the most important point is to have one, at least. Beard oil will significantly reduce itch, help your beard grow at its full genetic potential, and just because you are applying it daily, you will automatically begin to care more for your beard (which means all the razors stay away!).

At beard growth stage 1, a beard comb will remove the dead skin beneath your beard, help stimulate blood flow to the facial hair, and most importantly prevent the growth of ingrown hair.

Beard growth stage 2 – the last stretch before it bears fruit. (2-5 weeks)


Most men remain stuck at this stage. They cannot pass it. Reason? It looks ugly. There are few patches here and there, uneven growth, and itch may become unbearable. If you lack solid beard genes, this stage may stretch more than 5 weeks and even into 10th week. As the length of your beard passes the 1-inch mark, you can start considering it as a beard, and not a stubble.

The key feature of this stage is itch and patchy growth. Do not get intimidated. You will have intense temptation to shave off and let the razor take care of it but remember: You have come this far – a few weeks more – and you can have a beard people love to see, feel, and envy. Great things take time, so hold onto the rope of patience.

ONE IMPORTANT WORD OF CAUTION REGARDING PATCH BEARD: You will notice it more than your friends or peers. This is obvious, we all tend to highlight our imperfections more than the onlookers. So, ignore the patchiness, and give the gift of time to your beard.

How to sail pass beard growth stage 2?

Think of it as the last push before the victory, and keep on pushing (and growing). At this stage, you can introduce Beard wash in your beard care regimen. A beard wash will remove all the dirt from your beard, strengthen the hair roots, and unlike scalp shampoos, will not strip off your beard from his natural oils. Now, this doesn’t mean you stop using beard oil. Remember, beard oil is your life-long beard friend.


We have also heard men complaining the following during this stage:

  1.  My beard growth has stopped. I am not noticing things moving forward.
  2. My beard is getting ‘harder’ and “fizzy” and ‘sharper”.

For growth, we always recommend our readers to take care of the following things:

  • Eat healthily. This means more water and a balanced diet including meat and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly. Even a 15-minute walk in the morning will boost your testosterone levels (an important hormone for beard growth).
  • You may start using our growth zen beard oil – which helps beard grow at its full genetic potential and also activates dormant hair follicles (by increasing blood flow in the facial hair roots).

Beard Growth stage 3 – time to boast and trim (Week 5-10)

Congratulations, you deserve a pat on the back. If you have entered stage 3, chances are you are a real beard -lover. Now is the time to think about trimming and make it look sharp and well-groomed. Your beard might have passed the 2-inch mark, and now you have a decision to make: Either grow more or ask your barber to trim and sharpen the edges, making it look neat. 

Trimming the neckline is the most important thing. Make sure you ask your barber to keep your neckline just 1 inch above your adam’s apple. You can refer to our blog post here for more detail.

It’s time to show-off. Its time you will finally start receiving compliments from your friends – and if you are not, chances are you might need to invest more time and level-up your beard care regimen.

At this stage, you would like your facial hair to stay settled, and do not run away wild in all directions. A beard balm would be your best bet. It locks moisture better than a beard oil while also providing mild styling benefits. This means your beard does not look frizzy, shaggy, and your facial features look sharper than ever (especially your jawline).

How to sail pass beard growth stage 3?

It’s probably the easiest one. Now is the time your beard is on your command. If you want to trim it down, go for it. If you want to let it loose (our recommendation), go for it. But there are a few things you should watch out during this stage:

  • You might notice that your beard length has stopped growing. BUT THIS WOULD NOT BE TRUE. Your beard might be shedding facial hair at the same rate as it is growing new one, but if you keep it growing (and take proper care), eventually your rate of new growth will exceed that of beard shedding. Again, just use 3-4 drops of beard oil a day and you are good to go.
  • Your beard may get rebellious and start to grow in all directions – especially backward. A good way to keep it on track is to regularly use a beard comb. In fact, keep a beard comb in your pocket at all times, and stroke whenever you feel like it.

O.k, so that’s it, folks. Hope this added some value in your life (and beard).

Till next time.






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