10 Best Foods To Boost Your Beard Growth

Some men look in the mirror and frown because their DNA has infested them with a thin and patchy beard. These individuals fall deeper into their blues without realizing that there are various solutions to this problem. The easiest one is to drop your razors and change your diet. You should be cracking eggs for your breakfast, along with the fact that nutrients work best when they come from the digestible. And when it comes to your beard, there are specific foods to keep in mind.


Potatoes, specifically in Pakistan, are used in every other dish. So, if you’re a Pakistani, chances are that your lunch’s already rich in protein and carbohydrates to keep you going through the day.


Don’t like meat? Well, you’ll have to ‘sacrifice’.
Beef is dense with iron, zinc, protein, vitamin C, and vitamin B5. Enough to sharpen your knives.


In every hopeless situation, Popeye yanks out a can of spinach and his luck turns around. Now, if you’re stuck in a similar condition, all you need to do is consume this leafy plant that’s packed with vitamins, iron, boron, and protein. Your luck will be bound to bob its head to your commands.


Coffee can raise your testosterone levels – which, as mentioned in the books of good, is great for your facial hair. Don’t peddle on the path to become an addict, though. Always put water on the highest pedestal.


A fruit that sounds fun and tastes like vitamins and biotin. Add it to your salads, smoothies, and even bread! Make them fruitful!


Peeling layers to reveal the truth, onions can provide over 25% of your daily biotin needs. They are an all-rounder because they go along with anything, especially Tikkas…. and tears.


Make yourself grate again because cheese is full of magnesium, protein, zinc, vitamins, phosphorus, and calcium. Great deal.


What did the peas say to the noisy anti-peas guy?
“Stop ‘muttering’, every hundred grams of us contains approximately 100% of your vitamin C needs”


The Power Puff Girls made a heroic move when they opened the pickle jar for the mayor. No wonder the man had a murderous moustache. He was taking vitamin K, after all.

Beard Edibles

A guy chews his food, a guy’s facial hair absorb their food. You can fill your stomach with what you like, but your beard won’t fill up until you pay proper attention to its needs.

A perfect beard needs a tool like our growth Zen beard oil to sprout to its full genetic potential. The bottle of this lubricant runs heavy with ingredients that are bound to let your beard flourish. Treat your hair strands with a combination of essential oils and nutrients that you don’t have to intake!


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