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Introducing: A Beard balm that makes your beard look better than beard models you see on TV.

Have you ever felt your facial hair running in all directions? And you really can’t shape them properly because they are so messed up, curled, and unruly?

If yes, read onwards..

This conditioning beard balm, made from 100% natural butter, oils, and beeswax, comes with 3 extraordinary benefits to your beard:

  1. Provides mild Hold. This means it tames your wildly running facial hairs into well-shaped facial hangings. However, since our conditioning beard balm is made from 100% natural ingredients, it cannot provide stronger holds you see in synthetic products such as gels and wax. The only promise it makes is: Settling down your beard in the direction you have combed (for longer periods of time).
  2. Provides greater moisturizing effect than beard oil. Yes, with a blend of shea butter and essential oils, beard balm is for men whose beards deserve more than a beard oil. Why? Because medium/long beards deserve a more moisturizing effect than the smaller ones. And we highly recommend that this conditioning balm should only be bought by men who already have thicker beards. With its extra moisturizing effects, conditioning beard balm restores all the natural oils lost during beard growth, provide it with a conditioner effect..and turn your beard into softer, well-groomed facial decorations.
  3. Provides extra shine to your beard. Thicker beards deserve more shine. More compliments. And more praises. We knew this when we were testing our conditioning beard balm in the laboratory. With its moisturizing properties, conditioning beard balm gives your beard the subtle shine it deserves. How is the shine different from the beard oil, you asked? Well, it is more gentle in texture and stays for longer time.

Apart from these 3 main benefits, here are some others that may be of value to you: (warning: They may sound boring to you).

  • A great styling tool for scalp hair (perfect alternative for synthetic gels and waxes).
  • Fights acne and itchiness. The blend of jojoba and shea butter stands tall against beard itch.
  • Has an anti-ageing effect on the facial skin.
  • Works great on dry lips. Moisturizing them quickly just like petroleum jelly does.

Does this mean our beard balm is an all-in-one solution for beard, skin, and scalp hair?


Although it does have added benefits as explained above, yet it still is carefully crafted for your facial hairs only. Why? Because we know facial hairs are different than scalp hair. And they deserve specialized care…rather than all-in-one care solutions.

O.k, so this is it, my friends.

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Product Description

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Product Specifications

Beard Blam – conditioning
Bees wax, Shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil.
Fragrance of Focus

Direction of use

Take a pea-size amount of beard balm, spread it on your palm, and rub your both palms together until the balm melts down. Now, apply it on your beard in the direction you want to shape your beard. As simple as it sounds.


At beard Empire, we strictly stick with natural products. However, very rarely, (less than 1%), some essential oils may cause allergic reactions. People who are prone to allergens or who have prior allergic experiences must first test our beard oils on a small surface of skin – for example on forearm. If red spotting occurs quit using immediately.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing products!!Amazing customer service.Firstly, applying a small amount of the beard oil moisturized my entire beard. I then applied the beard balm to my beard and mustache using only a pea-sized amount of it. The beard balm smells fantastic.You can’t get much better than that. You guys provides a high quality beard balm and beard oils for a great price. I’ve tried many beard balms and oils but Beard Empire has to be one of the best in Pakistan.Thank you Beard Empire!!!You guys ROCK!

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