growth actovator kit

The Growth Activator kit


Introducing our Growth activator kit that truly focuses on one thing only: Beard Growth

Now with new roasted oil formulation that boosts beard growth even better.

  1. Growth zen beard oil: Made specifically for beards that grow slow. It stimulates the hair follicles, improves blood flow beneath the skin, and helps beard grow in all its glory. Equipped with “fragrance of confidence’. Now, with new roasted oil formulation – a technique practiced in African countries such as Jamaica, where castor seeds (the active ingredients in our product) are first roasted and then processed for oil extraction. In other words, it’s a better version of castor oil produced specifically in Jamaica. It has been shown to work 2x better than regular castor oil, thereby helping your beard grow at its full genetic potential.
  2. Beard Wash: Made specifically for beards (unlike scalp shampoos that are harsh on your beard) – remove all the dirt, refreshes each hair strands, making it smell amazing when you leave your shower. Gives you a true experience of a well-groomed beard. Equipped with ‘fragrance of leaders”.
  3. Antioxidant Beard serum: Facilitates the action of beard oil, prevents inflammation and provides optimum conditions for beard growth.
  4.  Beard Comb: Made with specialized pine wood that goes easy on the beard, helps spread beard oil evenly, remove all the facial hair knots, and help beard give the right direction to grow.


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