Our story

This story is about two friends. And 3 “aha” moments.

What do I mean by “aha” moments? Glad you asked.“Aha” moments are those rare instances when two different things meet at their tipping points and create a new entity that is entirely different from their ingredients. You see, it’s similar to two tungsten wires coming together and creating a spark – a light bulb.

Our journey has similar “aha” moments ….and here’s how they look like:

The first “aha” moment came when Waahhaj khawaja(the man with real long beard) pitched Junaid Hassan (the self-proclaimed marketing wizard), with his sane idea of creating a beard oil brand that targets south Asian countries. The idea was great (not new). Nothing near to Thomas Edison’s. But neither too bad. The next 10 minutes were an orgy of creativeness. Plans flew, brains farted, strategies envisioned and then..


The second “aha” moment came when Wahhaaj khawaja briefed Junaid khawaja about how important it is for men to take leading roles in their lives. They talked about how, somehow, men become better leaders as they age and mature. They wondered why some of the greatest leaders grew a beard – Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates to name a few.


Have you guessed the third “aha” moment by now? I am sure you haven’t.

The third “aha” moment came when the idea of Beard Oil brand was delicately stitched with the ‘movement to turn men into better leaders’. You see, the third “aha” moment was just the homogenous blend of the previous two. And it went with each other so well – just like your cheeks and a beard.

Are we just another beard oil brand?

Good Question. Answer: No, we are not. In the midst of creating a strong brand vision, we have not ignored the importance of creating quality products. Absolutely not. In fact, our beard care products have gone through vigorous testing on real humans. And is an end result of months of hard work. . . and hours of laboratory testing . . . and dozens of tiring nights. . .and loads of money lost.


We will end this section with a clearly defined MISSION.

Mission: Lead and grow.

To your beard and leadership.

Founder: Junaid hassan

Co-founder: Wahhaaj Khawaja