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Scalp hair is different from facial hair. Then why use local scalp shampoos that are never made for beards?

Introducing, for the first time in Pakistan, a beard Wash (shampoo) that is specifically tailored for beards

When we were working in laboratories, developing our next big product, we had to answer this very question: How to come up with a product that cleans and washes your beard yet do not strip it off with all its natural oils?

It was a tough call for us. And that’s what took us months of product development.

Now, why should you stop using scalp shampoo on your beard and instead try our beard wash?

You see, first you need to understand that scalp hair is different from facial hair. One important difference is the amount of sebum (natural oil) produced on the scalp which is far greater than facial hair. This is the sole reason why facial hair tends to be more dryer, coarse and brittle.

So, this means your beard already has less natural oils.

And if you strip away those oils (which regular household shampoos do) – all you are left with is a dryer, coarse beard that is exposed to more damage.

Now, you might be thinking: How our beard wash solves this problem?

Answer: By making sure your beard doesn’t get strip away from all its natural oils and yet perform all the functions of cleaning and management.

Gentlemen, this is something that makes our beard wash stand out from hundreds of regular shampoos available in the market. 

Apart from this main difference, our beard wash performs other functions such as:

  • Cleans and washes thoroughly. Suck away all the dirt and dust of the day.
  • Prevents dandruff.
  • Improve combing experience and reduce everyday beard itch.
  • Tends to straighten up facial hair (cannot remove curls).
  • Leave your beard smelling and looking great.

For best results use it with our beard softener.

Please note that all of the ingredients used in our products are 100% safe to use and long-term studies have proved no side effects.

All usage details will be written on the products.

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