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Nurture Flora Beard oil + FREE antioxidant serum

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Introducing….a beard oil that claims to make your beard look 70% more touchable, manageable, and attractive…guaranteed!

Now paired with our FREE antioxidant beard serum

Yes, with our Nurture Flora beard oil, this is possible. In fact, this is the only tangible promise our nurture flora beard oil makes. You asked how?

Here’s a little break down:

When we were developing and testing this exquisite potion, we wanted to make sure it should be the best beard care product for seasoned beardsmen accross Pakistan. 10 variants were created and one was finally accepted.


AND WE PROMISE IT CONTAINS ALL THE ESSENTIALS YOUR BEARD NEEDS TO GROW HEALTHIER, SOFTER, WELL-TAMED and well-groomed. Here’s is how this beard oil will make your beard look 70 % more attractive:

  • Adds that extra shine to your beard (making it gently glow like moon) without leaving any greasy residue. The extra shine is so carefully crafted, it never gives an oily appearance (unless you overdose on it).
  • With regular use, our nurture flora beard oil turns your beard into silk-like softer petals. Ever felt some one’s hairs slipping through your fingers? (yeah, that’s the one I am talking about).
  •  Organic oils like Jojoba and Argan seep deep into your facial skin .. provide it with all essential nutrients required for healthier faster growth….and turn each facial hair into stronger, full-bodied strand.
  • Do you know what’s the number one reason why men chop off their beards? Well, here it is: They can’t withstand beard itch. And it really is a mess when there is nothing much you can do about it. But here’s something we can bet our legs on: This beard oil restores all the natural oils lost during beard growth (the main reason why beard itches) and thus stands tall against beard itch.  Speaking of statistics, our testers have noticed 70% decrease in their beard itch.
  • As always we have kept our fragrance simple and sleek (unlike others who mix in so many essential oil fragrances it almost infuriates your nose). The soothing fragrance of rosemary and lavender instantly improves your focus and prepares you well for the rest of the day. Plus, lavender oil is also a known stress reliever (heads-up to all the beardsmen working for long office hours!). We have named our nurture flora’s fragrance as “Fragrance of focus.”


O.K friends, so this is it.

Bottom line: If you are a seasoned beardsmen (men who grow facial hair as fast as hairy beasts) – applying our nurture flora beard oil should be one of your early morning rituals. Why?

Because it comes with a guarantee: Making your beard look 70% more touchable, manageable, and attractive

(and speaking of 70%, it really is all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary beard….between earthly and heavenly beard…between touchable and untouchable beard)

Antioxidant Beard serum

  • Facilitates the action of Growth zen Beard oil, to be used after applying growth zen beard oil.
  • Use 1-2 drops every time you apply Growth zen beard oil.
  • Contains Green tree extract, and caffeine, that increase blood flow to facial skin and stimulates growth.
  • Contains Aloe vera that soothes each facial hair strand and helps lock in the moisture.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C that provide optimum conditions for beard growth.

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Product Description

Product Specifications

Nurture Flora
Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Almond oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Castor oil
Fragrance of Focus

Direction of use

Take 2-3 drops on palm and spread evenly. Gently rub through your beard starting from below the chin and upwards sideways. As simple as it sounds. For best results: Apply on damp hair.


At beard Empire, we strictly stick with natural products. However, very rarely, (less than 1%), some essential oils may cause allergic reactions. People who are prone to allergens or who have prior allergic experiences must first test our beard oils on a small surface of skin – for example on forearm. If red spotting occurs quit using immediately.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing products!!Amazing customer service.Firstly, applying a small amount of the beard oil moisturized my entire beard. I then applied the beard balm to my beard and mustache using only a pea-sized amount of it. The beard balm smells fantastic.You can’t get much better than that. You guys provides a high quality beard balm and beard oils for a great price. I’ve tried many beard balms and oils but Beard Empire has to be one of the best in Pakistan.Thank you Beard Empire!!!You guys ROCK!

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