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The Emperor Beard Kit


This is a very long explanation of each and every product included in your EMPEROR BEARD KIT (Afterall you are investing a large sum of money). So, sit tight and read till the end before you make a wise buying decision.


Growth zen beard oil

Each morning, you apply our lemon & tea tree scented beard oil and leave your home’s door with all the confidence sprouting through your head and beard. Yes, this is for real – with this prestigious GROWTH ZEN beard oil,  your beard becomes a focal point of confidence and maturity.

Made from 100% natural oils which include freshly extracted Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Castor oil, tea tree, and lemon oil – all perfectly blended to make your beard grow and hang in glory.

Let’s talk in more detail. Shall we? O.K so….

Growth ZEN beard oil is specially designed for two purposes:

1. Growing a thicker beard.

2. Growing a softer beard.

What do we mean by “thicker beard?”

Simply put, thicker beard means more facial hair. More facial hair means a more denser beard. More denser beard means an envious clean-shaven who stares at your beard and asks for your “beard-grooming-secrets.” And when that happens….. you better not reveal it. But just for your information (because we value you more than your peers) here are some secret ways our beard oils do beard-grooming wonders for you:

In Growth Zen beard oil, two ingredients are carefully selected to help beard reach it’s full growth potential: Castor Oil, and Jojoba oil.

-Castor oil is a well-known hair growth stimulator. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids (fancy words that you should skip anyway) that accelerate blood flow to the hair follicles. This means stronger hair roots and more facial hair growth.
-Jojoba oil is the only oil that almost completely resembles our skin’s natural oils. So, when the beard sucks in all the booty(natural oils of your skin), Growth Zen comes to your rescue.

*An important side note: Growth zen is not a magic pill. Although we claim it helps facial hair to reach its full growth potential, yet it cannot interfere with beard genetics. Each individual is different, and a lot of facial hair growth depends on age, genes, diet and beard-care. Anyone who claims of a magic pill that grows facial hair irrespective of the individual genetics is an upright liar. At Beard Empire, your trust in us is more important….and it doesn’t matter whether we lose some sales. The only promise growth Zen offers is this: Helping facial hair reach its full growth potential.

O.K so, getting back to where we left.

What do we mean by “softer beard?”

We understand why babies cry when their faces brush away with your hard sticky beard.

And we understand why a dry course beard feels heavy on your face (and brain too).

So, we have finalized our growth Zen beard oil with 3 other manliness-inducing ingredients: Almond oil, tea tree oil, and lemon oil. When applied daily, following three things will happen:

  • Each touch on your beard will feel like silk slipping through fingers.
  • Babies (and women) would never get pinched by a dry course facial hair. More: Who doesn’t love touching soft smoother things?
  • Natural fragrance of tea tree and lemon oil will soothe your brain into an epitome of mental clarity and confidence. In fact, we have named this unique scent as “Fragrance of confidence.”

Nurture flora beard oil

Introducing….a beard oil that claims to make your beard look 30% more touchable, manageable, and attractive…guaranteed!

Yes, with our Nurture Flora beard oil, this is possible. Infact, this is the only tangible promise our nurture flora beard oil makes. You asked how?

Here’s a little break down:

When we were developing and testing this exquisite potion, we wanted to make sure it should be the best beard care product for seasoned beardsmen accross Pakistan. 10 variants were created and one was finally accepted.


AND WE PROMISE IT CONTAINS ALL THE ESSENTIALS YOUR BEARD NEEDS TO GROW HEALTHIER, SOFTER, WELL-TAMED and well-groomed. Here’s is how this beard oil will make your beard look 30% more attractive:

  • Adds that extra shine to your beard (making it gently glow like moon) without leaving any greasy residue. The extra shine is so carefully crafted, it never gives an oily appearance (unless you overdose on it).
  • With regular use, our nurture flora beard oil turns your beard into silk-like softer petals. Ever felt some one’s hairs slipping through your fingers? (yeah, that’s the one I am talking about).
  •  Organic oils like Jojoba and Argan seep deep into your facial skin .. provide it with all essential nutrients required for healthier faster growth….and turn each facial hair into stronger, full bodied strand.
  • Do you know what’s the number one reason why men chop off their beards? Well, here it is: They can’t withstand beard itch. And it really is a mess when there is nothing much you can do about it. But here’s something we can bet our legs on: This beard oil restores all the natural oils lost during beard growth (the main reason why beard itches) and thus stands tall against beard itch.  Speaking of statistics, our testers have noticed 70% decrease in their beard itch.
  • As always we have kept our fragrance simple and sleek (unlike others who mix in so many essential oil fragrances it almost infuriates your nose). The soothing fragrance of rosemary and lavender instantly improves your focus and prepares you well for the rest of the day. Plus, lavender oil is also a known stress reliever (heads-up to all the beardsmen working for long office hours!). We have named our nurture flora’s fragrance as “Fragrance of focus.”


O.K friends, so this is it.

Bottom line: If you are a seasoned beardsmen (men who grow facial hair as fast as hairy beasts) – applying our nurture flora beard oil should be one of your early morning rituals. Why?

Because it comes with a guarantee: Making your beard look 30% more touchable, manageable, and attractive

(and speaking of 30%, it really is all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary beard….between earthly and heavenly beard…between touchable and untouchable beard)

Conditioning Beard balm

Introducing for the first time in Pakistan: A Beard balm that makes your beard look better than beard models you see on TV.

Have you ever felt your facial hair running in all directions? And you really can’t shape them properly because they are so messed up, curled, and unruly?

If yes, read onwards..

This conditioning beard balm, made from 100% natural butters, oils, and bees wax, comes with 3 extra ordinary benefits to your beard:

  1. Provides mild Hold. This means it tames your wildly running facial hairs into well-shaped facial hangings. However, since our conditioning beard balm is made from 100% natural ingredients, it cannot provide stronger holds you see in synthetic products such as gels and wax. The only promise it makes is: Settling down your beard in the direction you have combed (for longer periods of time).
  2. Provides greater moisturizing effect than beard oil. Yes, with a blend of shea butter and essential oils, beard balm is for men whose beards deserves more than a beard oil. Why? Because medium/long beards deserve more moisturizing effect than the smaller ones. And we highly recommend that this conditioning balm should only be bought by men who already have thicker beards. With its extra moisturizing effects, conditioning beard balm restores all the natural oils lost during beard growth, provide it with a conditioner effect..and turn your beard into softer, well-groomed facial decorations.
  3. Provides extra shine to your beard. Thicker beards deserve more shine. More compliments. And more praises. We knew this when we were testing our conditioning beard balm in the laboratory. With its moisturizing properties, conditioning beard balm gives your beard the subtle shine it deserves. How is the shine different from the beard oil, you asked? Well, it is more gentle in texture and stays for longer time.

Apart from these 3 main benefits, here are some others that may be of value to you: (warning: They may sound boring to you).

  • A great styling tool for scalp hair (perfect alternative for synthetic gels and waxes).
  • Fights acne and itchiness. The blend of jojoba and shea butter stands tall against beard itch.
  • Has an anti-ageing effect on the facial skin.
  • Works great on dry lips. Moisturizing them quickly just like petroleum jelly does.

Does this mean our beard balm is an all-in-one solution for beard, skin, and scalp hair?


Although it does have added benefits as explained above, yet it still is carefully crafted for your facial hairs only. Why? Because we know facial hairs are different than scalp hair. And they deserve specialized care…rather than all-in-one care solutions.

Grooming Beard comb

A grooming beard comb that fits in your pocket and let you settle down your beard wherever you go!

Why choose our grooming beard comb when there are cheaper alternatives available?

Answer: Because a wooden comb goes smooth on your beard. It prevents hair breakage and all you get is a frictionless tangle-free combing experience. (a regular comb won’t do that).

This comb is strictly meant for beardsmen who take their beards seriously.

P.S our beard care products also come with a secret message (that may or may not change your life). Do look out for a white envelope that comes along.

Over to you.

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